Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Yesterday, these orange crates were filled with some 340+ case files and twenty years of memories...

and just like that...

 they were moved to a large, corporate law firm on Wacker Drive where I started working today...

I am thankful that with the unforeseen-by-me-until-it-was-almost-a-done-deal closing of my old firm, that I was included with two of our lawyers in a merger into this new office.

I also am very blessed to have received a raise with my new employer, a raise in the exact amount of what I lost when child support ended last June.

that has me singing a happy tune

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I yelled from the kitchen, hoping that I did not hear what I thought I just heard.

My daughter was in the dining room filing her income taxes on-line at the 11th hour.

"The form asks if I received combat pay last year, did I?" she wanted to know.

I had heard correctly.

Stepping into the dining room and realizing she was serious, I said:

"Were you in the MILITARY last year?"

She looked up and replied..


"Well then you DID NOT receive combat pay!"

she cracked me up that day

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Quick....

"Left For Me To Find Friday!"

With a very long brief being written by the lawyers, along with "other" things going on here as well, this will be short and sweet...

Spring flowers are now gracing planters all over the City...

very, very pretty!

For a preview of Artropolis that begins next week, there are interesting sculptures of art...

all around the outside of the Merchandise Mart.

And my week in this beautiful city would not be complete without showing you this picture...

that I took of  the Mayor of the United States' No. 1 "family friendliest" town to live in...Naperville.

Mayor George Pradel was heading downtown to attend a "Green Day" summit on Michigan Avenue.

How do I know that?

Because I stalked waited for Mayor Pradel to get off the train and then walked a block or two with him, until I had to head north as he continued east to his meeting.

giving him a warm snippets greeting

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Our parents will be moving...

to Africa next year to continue their mission work." Dan and his brother Phillip were telling Charles as they all sat behind me on this morning's train.

It turns out that my friend Charles grew up with Dan, Phil (who is commuting downtown for a week while taking a continuing education class) and the rest of their family.  Dan is a regular rider, part of my morning posse into the city.  He is a tall, dark haired, deep-voiced guy, who looks and acts much older than his 27 years.

After overhearing what their parents were about to embark on, and thinking of my own mother, who at 71 is healthy and spry, but I could not see her going to a third world country to live...

I just had to ask...

"How old are your parents?"

Phil responded...

"Well our father is 58, so that makes mom 52."

"52?  Your mom is only 1 year older than me?!?!" I said with a reality-check look of horror on my face.

possibly needing a senior train space

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Habitual Creature

actually it should say Creature of Habit...

and it would, of course, be describing me.

I like routine and consistency.

Although I know that change is a part of life and most often for the better,  it initially does not sit well within my soul...

Take for instance, my friend Joe, who has sat across from me for YEARS on the commute home each day...

he has changed jobs and no longer fills his this space.

In addition, my son, Phillip, leaves for Milwaukee at the end of May to secure an apartment and get in the groove before school starts.

And, if those two things were not enough for me at the moment...

something else, something BIG is also in the works, that will eventually be VERY good for me and my family.

What is that "something"?

Well, as of today,  I am unable to write about it just yet.

get ready set...

Monday, April 19, 2010

I walked over to the Merchandise....

Mart at lunch today to see what preparations were being made for the upcoming (next Friday) Artropolis show...

  While there I was approached by an attractive, well-dressed woman, who in a Julia Sugarbaker...

Southern accent asked "Would you know where there might be a drug store nearby?"

"Well, I am going to the second floor and there is a little shop up there, they might carry what you need.  If you want to come with me I will show you where it is." I let her know.

"Oh, are you sure that won't be a problem?" "Julia" asked.

As we rode the escalator I asked her where she was from (Georgia), what was she doing in town (a meeting with the insurance company she works for) and if she was staying nearby (I thought she might be staying at the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza); she was not...

"I am staying at the Peninsula."

"Wow, that is a great of the most expensive in the city!" flew out of my mouth...

I then HAD to ask "What insurance company are you with?"

Her response, well...

I'll just say she is with one of the biggest health insurance companies in the world, and it so happens to be my health insurance provider through work.

Obviously the high premiums that we pay help further their own yield.

a colored cross and shield

p.s. - i have two tickets that i am unable to use for the Artopolis show....

free for you to go

let me know

Friday, April 16, 2010

During my walk to...

State Street the other day, this guy was standing on the corner in "need" of money...

and I must give him PROPS for what his sign said and I quote:

"Girlfriend kidnapped by Ninjas!
Need money for ransom and karate lessons!"

Although I didn't give him any money... I did laugh out loud!!

he drew a crowd

Thursday, April 15, 2010


my lunch walk took me to Marshall Fields Macy’s on State Street, 5th floor, baby department, in search of a gift.
As I stepped off the escalator, I was met with this display:

 Which made me gasp out loud “That is creepy!”

Why would they display a bunch of babies/toddlers sans their heads??

as if zombies from the dead

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"One more thing..."

is how the email to Hedy started out last week and it continued with...

"I forgot to thank you for getting me into blogging!

Susan's Snippets will reach a milestone next week...

my 500th Post!!

to you i raise a toast

That milestone, my friends, is TODAY!!

Truth be told, I never thought about blogging.

Hedy blogs at The Hedy Experience, and she writes beautifully.

I just write from my gut.

I had been asking her for some time to post a story woven from a snippet of conversation I had overheard on a bitter cold Chicago day...a man and two women were walking past me on Wacker Drive when I heard him say:

"I feel like I have NO pants on!"

"Why don't YOU write about it?" Hedy responded.

So Susan's Snippets was born.

I never imagined writing 10 posts, let alone 500.

And along the way, like with life, my blog theme changed, although the name stayed the same.

I went from writing about interesting snippets of conversations overheard while walking along the sidewalks of the city that I love - Chicago...

  to writing about most everything in my life.

(***A note for my Momma - if you click on the following highlighted/bold words you will be taken to a corresponding blog***)

My children of which there are two...

Family and friends numbering more than a few.

My office and those that surround me here;

Somethings put upon my heart that I hold dear.



and the unknown tomorrows.

In sickness and in health...

and when it comes to money, the non-wealth.

I have written about you...

and things that are "blue".

Chicago athletes - new ones and legends of old;

and food, sometimes spicy and bold.


and danger on the brink.

Smokers' stench, how they litter and don't even look...

a man whose arm is nothing more than a hook.

Things I have found...

lying on the ground.

Plus much, much more.

In wrapping up this monumental post, I wanted to also share with you this...

it would be less than honest of me if I did not admit that I would love to have a blog as popular as these three:

At the top of  that list is Ree Drummond - The Pioneer Woman!

During her recent cookbook signing trip, Ree stopped in the Chicago area and I got to meet and hug her..

 and have my name recognized because of my comments that rhyme.

What a fabulous time!

Second up is the incredibly interesting, well-traveled, artistically talented, , who blogs about it all at A Bloomsbury Life.

She lessens my strife.

Third on the list is my Midwestern down-to-earth blogging pal, Liz, who not only can write like a seasoned author twice her earthly age, but is also incredibly funny (I can SO relate!), honest and shares it all at Mabel's House.  Yeah!

Liz's blog brightens my day.

But....and there usually is a but...

but I must state, that if Susan's Snippets NEVER gains the momentum needed to reach the masses, as those above do...

I am perfectly fine with writing just for the few.

one of which is fantastically you

ps - thank you for reading and commenting as you can...
along with generally loving me just the way i am


Friday, April 9, 2010

Snippets' Posting....

Number Four Hundred Ninety-Nine and One-Half.

This will be so short I am not counting it as my official 500th post.

The 500th, well that one I plan on celebrating with you all next week!!

i have turned into a blogging geek

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Uncle Keith said....

that you would want this." his nephew stated while handing me the empty packaging from one of his Easter gifts, a Nerf sling shot.

"Please go ask Uncle Keith WHY I would want this?" I said to the adorable blonde-haired 7 year-old standing before me.

He quickly ran off into the next room and returned saying..

 “He said you like to recycle!”

Well Keith is absolutely correct, I do like to recycle.

But in this case I am going to say that his thoughts might have been less about being green...

and a lot more about being blue...

would you agree too

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Last year...

one of the most beautiful women that I have ever been blessed to know...

passed away.

Karen had undergone a stem cell transplant the month prior to me, leaving her high dose, basement hospital room at Loyola, just in time for me to move in.

We survived our transplants.

Karen returned to the vibrant, silver-haired, kind, loving, caring woman that she always had been.

Until once again cancer reared its ugly head and her life slowly drained away.

She fought to the finish, all the while remaining intensely devoted to her faith.

And to her family...she was a rock, their glue, the one who brought fun to the party, and they have been devastated by the loss.

But today, Karen brought them tears of joy, by making it quite clear that she is still lovingly caring for them from way up above.

One of Karen and Gene’s daughters gave birth to another grandchild early this morning.

He weighed in at 7 lbs. 3 ½ ounces and is the picture of perfection…

and the part that Karen played in all of this?

Well, you, April 6th, is the day that she too was born.

which sent joy to ease the forlorn

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Because I give a HOOT....

may you and your families be blessed this Easter with love, faith, kindness, good health, delicious food and so much more!!

all i adore