Wednesday, September 24, 2008

“Who took my yogurt??”

She was standing in the kitchen directly behind where my cube is located and I had heard her say something…but I wasn’t exactly sure what.

“What?” I turned and asked.

She angrily replied “WHO WOULD HAVE TAKEN MY YOGURT?!? I had it right here in the door of the fridge!”

Oops!! the day before, while she was out of the office, Susan Snippets decided to clean out the fridge and discard all the outdated, fur-encrusted, bloated-beyond-normal-proportions items from it....

one of which was a container of yogurt in the door, that I could have sworn was way beyond its “use by” small-printed date.

I turned around and went back to work in silence.

I try to be honest...but with the anger in her voice...I couldn’t confess.

i will wear my glasses next time i clean....i guess

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you could replace the yogart and make her think that she's gone crazy..