Friday, April 9, 2010

Snippets' Posting....

Number Four Hundred Ninety-Nine and One-Half.

This will be so short I am not counting it as my official 500th post.

The 500th, well that one I plan on celebrating with you all next week!!

i have turned into a blogging geek


... Paige said...

Okay fine! But I'll enjoy the photo anyway :-)

Susan's Snippets said...

Hey, Paige!!

The picture is from Macy's flower show, I went again yesterday in the midst of Chicago's THIRTY degree weather...just to get my hopes up.

They changed the center aisle display, it now contains tall vases filled with water and beautiful was so what I needed!!

sprummer has again retreated

... Paige said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that takes photos inside stores and a week or so ago we saw a lone lady taking pics of her stake at the Saltgrass.
I nodded my approval to her and she smiled

you have also been mentioned at my place, there is a little something for you if you choose to grab it.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Snippets has NO problem taking pictures of whatever she wants. Meals regularly start with shutter snapping. :-)


xoxo said...

I thought the number referred to the number of friends you have, you know almost 500 of them. I was confused with the 1/2 - how can someone be 1/2 a friend - that can't be in the end.