Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lost: Half a Peck of Pickles!

Well...maybe not half a peck...but several.

Every Thursday from May 15th thru early October in Chicago's Daley Plaza you will find a fabulous Farmer's Market.

That market was my lunch walk designation today for some fresh veggies and sunshine.

My purchase of three ears of bi-colored corn, a bunch of pickling cucumbers and a green pepper were placed into a plastic bag that I slung over my shoulder as I headed back to the office.

Right around Wells and Randolph I pulled my veggie-filled-bag back around to the front to find that the ears of corn had punched a gaping hole into the bag and some of my pickles were missing!

So, if you happen to be wandering around the Chicago Loop this afternoon and on the sidewalk you find a stray pickle or two...

from Susan's Snippets cheerfully to you


Hedy said...

Stray pickles. Mmmmm.

Susan said...

To make matters worse, when I got to the train tonight and was telling my posse the "lost pickles" story....I only had TWO ears of corn!! I wasn't only dropping pickles....I also dropped an ear of my corn!

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