Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lunch Options

Several weeks back, my friend and work comrade, Kathy and I dined at the recently opened Bull & Bear restaurant on the corner of Hubbard and Wells.

We walked into a packed room and instead of waiting for a table, we opted to dine at the bar (oh, darn!).

The atmosphere was upbeat and trendy with a mixed clientele of jean-clad (like us) and business suited people (not like us).

One of Bull & Bears' unique features are the Table Taps, where you free pour your own beer for .40 cents an ounce - which averages to be about $4.00 a glass, which isn't too bad for a Chicago joint. Although the bartender warned us that patrons have been very surprised at how much they drink when seated there...both from a $$ standpoint and just being able to pointedly stand.

Although it was disappointingly reviewed on MetroMix...we were quite happy with our food (I had fish tacos and Kath had a chicken sandwich), the friendly bartender and its vibe.

We definitely will be going back...at the least to try out "Overtime" during the week between 3 and 6 pm when all appetizers and short orders are half price and the soon-to-be-offered outdoor dining....whenever this Chicago weather chooses to cooperate.

i cant wait



sounds delicious! A perfect date night place..

train, walk home, and a babysitter that drives.

... Paige said...

Fish tacos, always make me laugh. Sometimes just in my head and sometimes out loud milky nose and all.
Glad y'all had a good lunch

Susan's Snippets said...

Hey Crusty - I am sure you could have a grandparent come on over to help out!!

And Paige...your comment reminded me of a joke I saw once in an old Playboy magazine.....

sex fiend