Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Patrick Stiff

Dr. Stiff;

Sometimes even lovingly referred to by my family and friends as…


But always to be known as the oncologist that saved my life in 2002.

I visited him yesterday for a yearly check up at Loyola Medical Center.

He is quite the character - tall and lanky, looking like he could be Ed Begley, Jr.'s brother (and as he would say "younger and better looking" brother)...

but amazingly devoted and intensely brilliant!

After much self-imposed angst and nervous sweating, Stiffy told me that I am doing very well!!

so i thought to you i would tell

i might have also let out a thankful celebratory yell


Patti said...


John said...


Glad to hear you are doing well, that's swell.

Judy said...

Great news! Sorry I missed seeing you when you stopped by the workplace.