Thursday, July 23, 2009

“Well did you think it was going to go on forever?”

a friend asked upon hearing that I am no longer receiving child support payments from the ex.

“It is complicated, but the bottom line is I didn’t have a clue when it would end.” I responded.

And it is complicated.

And it really doesn't matter - it is what it is.

Phillip, you need to get a job and start contributing BIG TIME around here if we are going to stay in this house!” I immediately told my son after hanging up with his father.

At 21 years old and still wanting to pursue his passion of photography, but not doing too much about it, he finally has a job interview today.

Prayers being welcomed for that, please.

So now I am finally in the spot I have thought about often over these 10 years of being a single parent - completely, totally on my own - financially.


“Well this is why you save for a rainy day.” another friend said upon hearing of my plight.

“Thanks....since I have been living so LARGE all these years!” I mumbled to myself.

Will it all work out?

Sure, it always does - one way or another.

But in the meantime...while all that “working out” stuff is going on....I think I just might have me a nice little breakdown.

treading on new financial ground


... Paige said...

ah sweetie; and y'all just got back from that cool trip with the piggy flu.

{hugs} but not too close okay :-)

Susan's Snippets said...

Thanks lovely think like I do!!

piggy poo

Scarlett Rose said...

Definitely praying that the job interview goes well! x