Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"One more thing..."

is how the email to Hedy started out last week and it continued with...

"I forgot to thank you for getting me into blogging!

Susan's Snippets will reach a milestone next week...

my 500th Post!!

to you i raise a toast

That milestone, my friends, is TODAY!!

Truth be told, I never thought about blogging.

Hedy blogs at The Hedy Experience, and she writes beautifully.

I just write from my gut.

I had been asking her for some time to post a story woven from a snippet of conversation I had overheard on a bitter cold Chicago day...a man and two women were walking past me on Wacker Drive when I heard him say:

"I feel like I have NO pants on!"

"Why don't YOU write about it?" Hedy responded.

So Susan's Snippets was born.

I never imagined writing 10 posts, let alone 500.

And along the way, like with life, my blog theme changed, although the name stayed the same.

I went from writing about interesting snippets of conversations overheard while walking along the sidewalks of the city that I love - Chicago...

  to writing about most everything in my life.

(***A note for my Momma - if you click on the following highlighted/bold words you will be taken to a corresponding blog***)

My children of which there are two...

Family and friends numbering more than a few.

My office and those that surround me here;

Somethings put upon my heart that I hold dear.



and the unknown tomorrows.

In sickness and in health...

and when it comes to money, the non-wealth.

I have written about you...

and things that are "blue".

Chicago athletes - new ones and legends of old;

and food, sometimes spicy and bold.


and danger on the brink.

Smokers' stench, how they litter and don't even look...

a man whose arm is nothing more than a hook.

Things I have found...

lying on the ground.

Plus much, much more.

In wrapping up this monumental post, I wanted to also share with you this...

it would be less than honest of me if I did not admit that I would love to have a blog as popular as these three:

At the top of  that list is Ree Drummond - The Pioneer Woman!

During her recent cookbook signing trip, Ree stopped in the Chicago area and I got to meet and hug her..

 and have my name recognized because of my comments that rhyme.

What a fabulous time!

Second up is the incredibly interesting, well-traveled, artistically talented, , who blogs about it all at A Bloomsbury Life.

She lessens my strife.

Third on the list is my Midwestern down-to-earth blogging pal, Liz, who not only can write like a seasoned author twice her earthly age, but is also incredibly funny (I can SO relate!), honest and shares it all at Mabel's House.  Yeah!

Liz's blog brightens my day.

But....and there usually is a but...

but I must state, that if Susan's Snippets NEVER gains the momentum needed to reach the masses, as those above do...

I am perfectly fine with writing just for the few.

one of which is fantastically you

ps - thank you for reading and commenting as you can...
along with generally loving me just the way i am



... Paige said...

that is so beautiful and more than one spot brought tears, although I don't know why.

and right now I don't have pants on :-)

I'm in shorts, as it is hot today.

Vicki said...

Congrats Sue!

I do so Love you.

Anonymous said...

Susan, congratulations on just one of your many endeavors. I wish I had your energy!! Love you


Anonymous said...

Your writing is great, and on this very important date, I wish you congratulations and absence from heart palpitations.



Cindiloo said...

A toast to you my friend whose daily writings brings sunshine onto my computer screen. Congrats Susan!!

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

500 posts!

(of that you should boast)

You are one of life's blessings

(like a good Caesar dressing)

and brighten my day

(more than I can say)

Love from Hollywood


Liz said...

Thank you for including me in such a fabulous list, although I dont think I belong. :)

When I think about being thankful for blogs, I think about you. So glad we are friends! Keep writing! Love you!