Monday, February 11, 2008

"Hey, there is a nickel!"

I say to my two commuting buddies as we reach the top of the escalator in the midst of the morning crowd coming out of Union Station. I start to instinctively reach down for it and suddenly my love of life took over…..

Over the course of these years working downtown, I have found a fair amount of money on the sidewalks, streets, and inside of buildings.

Too many to count of pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters;

$10 on the ground next to a high end car in the East Bank parking area;

At one of my work buildings - 20 North Clark – it use to have a bank in the lobby - I found a $50 bill on its floor and I turned it into the teller.

She said "Why did you do that?"

I replied "Because maybe the person who lost it will come back for it."

I stood there for a couple of seconds thinking and then said "If they don't come back - do I get it?"

"No, it goes into a special fund" she skillfully replied.

All during lunch that day I kept thinking about what I could have bought with that money and how the teller was going to spend it when it ended up in the special "Teller's Wallet Fund!"

I think that everyone has found money at some point, but how many have found a large bill(s) - $50 or $100?

And I do mean “found” as in somebody “lost” it – not “found” as in “I found it in her purse.”

or worse


phatdoggy said...

I don't remember finding any significant amount of money, but I have left some for someone else to find. Somehow, I walked away from ATM with the money I withdrew sitting in the little tray. I'm not sure how that happened, since refilling the pockets is the only reason I would be standing in front of an ATM. It was gone by the time I realized what I had done.

-phat 'tard

the dilf said...

My old lady finds $50 ALL...THE ....TIME...

in my wallet.

Susan said...

Dilf - you live in a shoe?

that's new.

Hedy said...

I've never found money but I have a knack for buying winning scratch-off lottery tickets - for other people.