Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Somebody yelled from across the sidewalk during my lunch walk today.

Straying from my usual route, I found myself deep in the business district of Chicago, otherwise known as "The Loop" when Dave, an ex-co-worker, spotted me and yelled.

“Hey Dave, are you on your way back from lunch?” I inquired.

“Yeah, I just left the Tilted Kilt on Wabash.” he said.

“Oh, my boyfriend has been there.” I said, “Is the food good?”

“The food is phenomenal!" Dave replied, “Absolutely wonderful!”

He went on to tell me exactly where the Tilted Kilt was and being just blocks away, I decided to walk over and peruse their menu.

It was right where he said I would find it and in following his further directions, I took the escalator up past their sign...

to the second floor, turned left, entered a very, very busy pub and was greeted by these three at the “hostess” desk...

All I have to say is that my boyfriend probably doesn’t go for the food.

no wonder after those lunches he is in such a good mood


Diane Vogel Ferri said...

It always pays to investigate!!!

Anonymous said...

It's a customer. I HAVE to go there. Really... no kiddin'!

Hedy said...

Righhhht, Keith. :)

jude said...

That's like Steve saying he likes to go to Hooter's cuz he LOVES their wings.....yea, right :)

Liz said...

AHGHGHGHGHG!!!!!!!! Laughing so hard right now. :)