Monday, November 17, 2008

"Where’s my soda?"

Joe inquired after I had made myself nice and comfy on the train home last week.

Every so often I bring Joe a can of ginger ale (his fav) from our office fridge.

One of the perks in my office is that we get to order any type of pop and drink it to our heart’s content – for free.

Years ago I had a 6-can-a-day Diet Crack…I mean Coke habit. These days, except in rare cases, I don’t drink soda, especially diet soda.

Unsweetened Ice Tea, preferably from McDonald’s in their Large Sweet Tea Styrofoam Cup, is my drink of choice.

So I don’t feel too bad occasionally taking a can of Ginger Ale from the office fridge to give to Joe.

And I know Joe appreciates it.

But on this day…..while walking to the train…I witnessed a homeless guy on the sidewalk drinking the leftover swill out of cups and cans that he had collected in his own garbage can.

I first walked past with my usual Susan Snippet’s no-poker-face-“look-of-disgust” ablazing.

Which was followed by that little voice in my head saying...”Give him the clean can of ginger ale!”

“What? I am bringing it for Joe! This guy obviously has a screw loose!” was my in-head response.

I started digging into my bag, while turning around and with only the tips of my fingers holding the can…I extended my arm as far as possible as I approached homeless guy. "Here, drink this instead!” I told him.

He took the can, threw it into his garbage can and started dragging it into the alley.

“What!” I thought, “He is throwing it away!”

So I followed him and said “Are you throwing that away?”

“No.” he responded as I surveyed him to get a sense of hostility or danger.

Sensing nothing dire....I asked if I could take a photo of the can in the garbage, thinking if Joe asked, I could show him where his soda ended up.

The guy said “Sure! What is your name?”

“Susan” I responded.

He shouted at me "TUESDAY?”

“NO, S-U-S-A-N!” I said “What is your name?”

“James! Do you want to take a picture of me drinking it?” he asked.

“Sure.” I responded.

So here is James drinking Joe’s Ginger Ale.

I think James really enjoyed the whole encounter.

As for Joe missing out..Joe could probably afford to buy his own can of pop.

james' life and my own - i wouldn't want to swap


jude said...

Your blog gets better every day! I truly enjoy reading it. You have a real gift.....keep it up!

Susan's Snippets said...

Thanks for the props, Jude. Good to know that somebody, other than my Momma, reads it and enjoys.

a friend's noise

Anonymous said...

I love this story too! You are a special person.

Vicki said...

I know your Momma told you not to talk to strangers. See you soon. Love your big Sis

Susan's Snippets said...

Hey Vic - Safe travels for you and your gang!

Good thing I never listened to our Momma....remembering that I took after Dad.

and i'm glad


this was awesome! I'd give you a 6pack of ale for James if I could!

But why did he put it in the garbage can? to drink it in peace?


Diane Vogel Ferri said...

I think that's quite a story! you're kinda brave, you know?