Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Our parents will be moving...

to Africa next year to continue their mission work." Dan and his brother Phillip were telling Charles as they all sat behind me on this morning's train.

It turns out that my friend Charles grew up with Dan, Phil (who is commuting downtown for a week while taking a continuing education class) and the rest of their family.  Dan is a regular rider, part of my morning posse into the city.  He is a tall, dark haired, deep-voiced guy, who looks and acts much older than his 27 years.

After overhearing what their parents were about to embark on, and thinking of my own mother, who at 71 is healthy and spry, but I could not see her going to a third world country to live...

I just had to ask...

"How old are your parents?"

Phil responded...

"Well our father is 58, so that makes mom 52."

"52?  Your mom is only 1 year older than me?!?!" I said with a reality-check look of horror on my face.

possibly needing a senior train space

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Steven Kaufman said...

Hi Susan!

You are definitely full of life and the energy you bring to your blog is truly a joy....sometimes people come into a world and cross paths with you, and they're never the same.

Never stop shining!