Thursday, September 18, 2008

“Backfiring” retaliation….

As I rounded the bend of the Chicago river on this beautifully-sunny-slightly-crisp morning I first smelled him…then I saw him – a guy about 50 feet ahead of me smoking away...inhaling-exhaling - I love it!

My normal m.o. is to kick the pace into high gear and get in front of the smoker....and today was no exception....but the closer I got to this guy the more aggravated I became....why do I have to smell that stench?

It was then I decided to retaliate...a little sharing and caring of my as I got around him....

I farted....he shared his smell - I shared mine!

Now we are even, Steven. the very moment I farted...a slight wind came up off the river and pushed not only the smell of his smoke forward into my face....but my mr. farty smell too.

cigs and pooh...ewww


Cindiloo said...

Sus, you crack me up!! Most women would be embarrassed about farting in public, much less spilling the beans about it (toot toot), but not you. Is there anything off limits?

Susan said...

Cindiloo (who has a birthday TOMORROW!) - don't ever ask if there is "anything" off limits...because you know who will be commenting next...Moe.

don't you know

Moe Wanchuk said... are hilarious