Friday, February 18, 2011

Left For Me to Find...

From the other night, a beautiful sunset...

that I will not soon forget!

Happy that the protective mat was over the carpet here at work...

otherwise a blue stain would still lurk.

And a couple strolling along the Chicago River in today's unseasonably warm weather...

they obviously get dressed together.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Barb, do you have any idea of what…

Bruce meant in his email when he asked me to

“put into his draft in a RECLINE format”?

Susan, it is a typo...

he meant REDLINE!


Never mind.

my blondeness can be so unkind

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

“So the next time I wear my deck shoes…

will you fall in love with me?” the woman inquired as she stepped out of the elevator with her two friends.

“Abso-freaking-lutely!” one replied.

This snippet I heard just minutes ago on returning from my lunch walk, where I just so happened to have shot this:

Which was a follow up to this picture I took at my suburban train station this morning:

I am sensing a theme!

Love for...

and lost...


I swear.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

S N O W D A Y!!!

[So as not to confuse anyone - this is an old post - anna has moved on to north carolina in search of love and i am home...on my own...]

broke the quiet of the house this morning...followed by the sound of feet bounding down the 100+ year old pine stairs.....


in her loudest Hurricane Hippo Holler voice.

She hasn’t been up this early on a school day since the last official snow day.

It is amazing what a text message from a good friend early on a snowy morning will do.

We got somewhere around 10 inches of snow last night. A beautiful, pristine, white blanket covering and she has a snow day – a day off of school – a clean slate of a day.....a day where your imagination is your only boundary.

Bread bags slipped on over socks before shoving your feet into old, sometimes too small, boots - boots that smelled! Digging out of the winter basket anything to keep you warm (which at times were Pop’s socks as mittens), bundling up and heading out!

Sledding down the side of the big ditch in the field across the street - sliding along the thick ice that covered the swamp – trying to avoid the muskrat huts and assorted cattails - making snow forts and then having fights with the boys next door and creating endless snow angels.

Coming in only when called for lunch, a lunch that was always paired with piping hot HOMEMADE hot cocoa - then back outside for more!!

Ending the day with debundling at the front door – boots turned upside down over heat registers and Mom yelling “You guys have SNOW everywhere!”

So my daughter, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, because as I have learned, these days pass way too fast – soon you will be working and will never again hear someone say.....

“Stay home – it's a SNOW DAY!”

to your dismay

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Good thing I am not claustrophobic!"

I thought as I discreetly took this photo of the packed-to-the-rafters-because-snOPRAH-2011-blizzard-to-end-all-blizzards-so-people-arent-driving-today train car this morning...





a racing heart...

and sweating big time as I tore off my winter coat, gasping for air that suddenly was invisibly being choked off!!

I then spent the next 10 minutes settling down while convincing myself that if worse came to worse, I could jump over the upper railing to escape!!

even thou i forgot my cape