Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Susan Spring Cotch

I so wanted to write about who the girl on the left in this picture was.

I needed to let everyone know about my fabulous friend of 22 plus years.

How we gathered every year around Christmas for a “Grinchette” dinner – a small group of women, would eat, share life’s stories, gifts and, as is tradition, watch “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.”

How it was her that suggested we wear pajamas at those dinners, so that we could be “comfortable” during our eatathon.

She was the one, after also surviving cancer, who was my “go-to” friend when I allowed the dark to creep in, and she always responded:

“We have beat it! Now don’t you worry!”

I wanted everyone to know that she was...

hilariously witty


sarcastic beyond measure

and beautiful

and smart

and kind

and remarkable

and insanely FUN.

I wanted the world to know all about my friend, but after getting the call that she passed away this morning at the tender age of 49, I sat down to write, to somehow attempt to do her life justice,

but only one word kept spilling out,

which had nothing to do with her life,

but everything to do with her death…


Another thing to add to the list of what I cannot yet understand.

in heaven may she so softly land


Dawn said...

Oh Susan, I'm so very sorry. All my love and strength for you and your friend's family. I love you bunches!

Cindy Huber said...

Absolutely beautiful, I know Sue would have just loved what you wrote. I'm at work reading what you wrote and I started tearing up...I actually went to Facebook to read all her old posts, just to hear her voice again. Even at the end, I just kept thinking, she's gonna pull this off, I think your word "unacceptable," just sums it up.
God bless you, I haven't heard a word on funeral plans, so keep me updated, I would love to meet you, share memories, especially the details behind the picture of you and Sue on your blog...say, isn't that...? Yeah, I betcha there's a story behind that photo.
Cindy Huber