Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"My hair looks pretty good today!"

I thought while spraying it down with hairspray.

These days, hair is a huge deal to me, now middle age, with a thyroid that has been limping along for years, my hair is being ENCOURAGED to fall out like leaves cascading down from the ginormous maple tree in my backyard during the autumn season.

Earlier, while letting Buddy my "Wonder" dog outside, I was greeted by a majestic summer-pink-blue-and-yellow sunrise sky.

"Thank you Lord!" I exclaimed out loud and then started about my morning routine.

A half hour or so later, Buddy was inside, fed, fresh water in his hand-decorated-by-Anna-Mae water bowl, the percolator and curling iron diligently unplugged, my purse and notebook in hand, I reached for the back door knob at the same time a LOUD clap of thunder echoed thru my neighborhood and the wind started kickin' it old school!

"What the heck?"

The beautifully colored pastel sky had turned pitch black and the severe thunderstorm the radio dj had talked about (I laughed when I heard him report it - having just seen that amazing sunrise) - was here!!

With a vengeance.

Needless to say, by the time I reached my Red Rocket in the garage, my hair no longer looked anything close to good!

So much for the happy hair thought!!

multiple umbrellas need to be bought

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