Friday, August 6, 2010


It's baaaccckkkk!!

While wandering during one of my lunch breaks this week, I headed east down the heavily trafficked Madison sidewalk and stopped to take this shot...

afterwards the man sitting on the bench next to it said "Yeah, a family was just here and one of the kids dropped it and they just walked away!"

Quality parenting was in effect that day.

keep our sidewalks clean i say



Yet, the man obviously didn't pick it up either.

funny story, the kids were in the city on Friday for hubby's firm's bring your kids to work day.
They made some sort of foam (oriental trading company my guess) visors.

While walking along my youngests' visor fell off, as they were crossing the street.
A man, walking behind bri and the boys, watched the visor fall off my youngest's head, and proceed to .........

step on it and continue walking..

Have the footprint to prove it..

some people just love to squash and melt others' days..

... Paige said...

well isn't that just loverly. Hey speaking of loverly come over and see what's so lovery for you at my Paradise.

Yeah, I double dog dare you