Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An iPod…

two GPS devices,

a Nintendo DS video game,


a money clip,

two electric shavers,

several I-PASS toll transmitters, along with other cell phones, money and miscellaneous items were all recently taken in a rash of burglaries in the cover of night from UNLOCKED vehicles sitting in people’s driveways in the small town where I live.

Now growing up all those years ago, we barely ever locked the doors to our home, let alone our cars…

but today, to leave valuables in an unlocked car overnight, is just plain DUMB.

And those boys who found it necessary to steal from others, who were caught by an alert neighbor walking his dog in the wee hours of the morning, are...

17 and 15 years old.

ten rules of life they need to be told

scold scold scold

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... Paige said...

the crime of opportunity provides the cops with lots of entertaining stories.