Monday, March 15, 2010

"Hi, I am Susan Snippets and I'm a...


A what?

Maybe it is actually D.A.R., I will have to look that up. the meantime what I do know is that my sister Vicki has been encouraged by her friend, Laurel, to research our family lineage.

And, thankfully, Vicki has been enjoying the detective-like hard work of finding out exactly who we descended from.

This investigating has already led her to some exciting discoveries, the first of which is that a distant relative on our mother's Batson side of the family (my daughter Anna Mae is named after my great-grandmother Anna Mae Batson), a Mordecai Batson, served in the Revolutionary War.

Because Mordecai served in that war, and we have the records to prove it, me, Susan Snippets, and my female relatives are official Daughters of the American Revolution!

which led to the signing of our constitution


ArchitectDesign™ said...

Oh cool! Have you been watching that new tv show -who do you think you are? Fascinating!
It's always fun to look back to see your family goes back to Madame Du Barry (by marriage) via Ireland as well as a host of british army heros! The square near my apartment even has a statue of my great great great uncle (who knew!) - like you said -you never know what you'll find! I feel so dull in comparison is the only problem.

Susan's Snippets said...

Hey AD -

Thanks for the comment! I have not viewed the show you wrote about, but I have heard others talk about it - so now it is a MUST see for me!

Regarding your hero relatives, the good news is that you can write your own piece of history for your family to research years down the road and say "Can you believe I am related to him!!"

be bright not dim

Dawn C. said...

That is awesome!