Thursday, March 18, 2010


I could have sworn that is what the conductor was shouting this morning as she entered our train car.

I quickly realized she was saying “Tickets! Tickets!” as I was deep in thought, constructing a blog about my sister Wendy’s 50th Birthday this Sunday. (She has avidly collected elephant items for most of her adult life!)

Born on March 21st (the first FULL day of Spring) in 1960, she was dark haired and looked very different than her older fair haired sisters, Vicki and me. We resembled our German father, but Wendy, she was definitely filled with our Mom’s Irish/English blood.

Which was probably the reason she was such a “momma’s” girl from the get go. Once Wendy was old enough to voice her opinion, there was not much sharing of our mother.

And not only is she determined, beautiful and smart (“the only one that a high school counselor said SHOULD go to college!” I have heard our Mother say over and over!), she also has been blessed with a take charge, choleric personality, that, as one of her older sisters, I could not appreciate until later in life.

She is my rock.

My Jiminy Cricket.

My pain-in-the-butt-why-does-she-ask-me-the-hard-questions-all-the-time sister!

She is also all of that to our family and here are just a couple of big time examples...

When our father was diagnosed with lymphoma, she became his patient advocate, jumping into that role, feet first – researching and learning all she could about the disease.

In 2001 when he passed away, Wendy (like the rest of us dealing with horrible grief) only had a slight reprieve from her take charge, caretaker role...

because on October 29th of that same year, I, Susan Snippets, was diagnosed with lymphoma and without blinking, Wendy put her nurse hat back on and again stepped into the role that she perfected with our father.

Needless to say I credit her (along with God, the great folks at Loyola Hospital, and many other family members and friends) with the saving of my life.

So when just under two months ago, Wendy herself was diagnosed with lymphoma – it stopped me and the rest of the family in our tracks. (This is our third diagnosis of a disease that is not “suppose” to be hereditary.)

We now are her rocks.

Her cheerleaders.

Her advocates.

We will start with, amongst other things, celebrating her 50th Birthday!

So, to our dark haired sister, whom we love so much...

Happy 50th Birthday Girl!!

twirl twirl twirl


Dawn C. said...

We’re looking forward to helping celebrate Wendy's 50th! We miss seeing everyone and truly appreciate that we can be there this weekend. :)

I’m repeatedly amazed by our families ability to meet our life journeys head on even with all of the meandering paths, forks in the road and seemingly impossible road blocks - we get through them with love and grace. Wendy is truly blessed with an amazing family to lift her up and support her when she needs it most.

This is a super post, Susan – thank you so much for sharing it.

Patti said...

Make sure she has a tiara!

... Paige said...

Oh my goodness, Happy birthday and prayers from my heart for healing, peace and love

Rebecca said...

Susan, wow, what a wonderful post about your sister. Believe me, I know how precious sisters can be. Happiest of birthday wishes to Wendy.
I did not know about the lymphoma in your family, or about your go with it. I'm thankful you overcame, and I'll pray that Wendy does too.