Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Always listen to your first instinct."

was something that my sister Wendy said to me over the summer.

Like when you are setting something down and think "That could fall over"...but you put it there anyway and within minutes you hear a big crash!

That kind of listening.

So, when I was walking past my favorite little snack store inside of the Merchandise Mart at lunch today, and I thought "I really SHOULD NOT go inside and buy myself those Banana Laffy Taffy's that I LOVE so much!", but instead I do buy a handful of them (only ten cents each!) unwrap one within 5 seconds of paying for it, and pop it into my mouth...

and IMMEDIATELY bit the inside of my right cheek so hard, that at first, I only heard a little noise...

like the noise that you might hear when you chomp down on a piece of steak, a really tough piece of steak;

then, almost simultaneously, I felt a shooting pain and tasted blood, all of those niceties were followed with an intense headache over my right eye socket.

The inside of my right cheek now resembles raw ground beef...

So do you think that experience would stop me from eating the rest of the Laffy Taffy???

Nope...the left side of my cheek was still unharmed.

I must say...

as a learner, I am exceedingly slow.

need some aspirins so i must go

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