Monday, December 21, 2009

“You aren’t sleeping this morning!”

I said with a smile to the older, pudgy guy standing outside of an always-running black Cadillac Escalade smoking a cigarette, parked across the street from the prestigious East Bank Club.

I have seen him asleep in the driver’s seat many times as I walked past on my way to work.

Appearing to not be too annoyed with me, he replied “We start the day really early, so when he is in there for two hours or so, I take a nap.”

“So are you able to tell me who the “he” is that you drive for?” (“HE” could be some BIG celebrity – I just had to know!”)

“Sure, I drive Reverend Jackson around.” He boasted.

With an inherited-from-my-momma NO POKER face, I am sure he saw the flash in my eyes, my nostrils flare and my body language suddenly change as I said...

“Well then...have a nice day!”

when it comes to rev jackson i have nothing nice to say


... Paige said...

i guess you could have just went "humpf" and walked away

Hedy said...

Me too, nothing to say. You handled it well, though! xo