Friday, December 18, 2009

L.F.M.T.F. Friday

Since acquiring my Art Institutes's Red Cube Number 9, I have been a little more selective about the "Left for Me to Find" photos that I take.

I have been blessed with a pretty good eye for photography, at least others said so, until my son Phillip came along and blew most everything I have ever shot out of the water.

So for this week's Left for Me to Find Friday, I will present you with what I consider to be some of my better found photos, most of which were taken at/under/near the train bridge at Clinton and Kinzie...

That's it.

Enjoy your weekend and try to take a little bit of time for yourselves!!

christmas elves


Judy @ daily yarns said...

I don't know...These shots are pretty darn good.

... Paige said...

nice, but the cigar is kinda scary, don't know why...just is
hows your bobo from the slip?
okay i hope

stay warm