Thursday, September 17, 2009

While commuting into Chicago for.....

20 plus, plus, plus years, I have seen many changes along both the Burlington Northern's and Union Pacific's west line tracks.

Some for the better and others not so much.

One of the changes that I wrote about here is the ever growing amount of graffiti.

Again, I am not condoning the defacing of property, but at the same time - I LOVE artistically talented people.

This morning it would have been hard to miss this new HUGE piece on the concrete underpass right before the train starts its turn into Union Station....

a wise looking owl, perfectly painted in my beloved whimsical fashion.

This piece, I must say falls right about No. 2 of my favorite "seen along the train tracks" graffiti of all times.

Only to be topped by a "tag" in Naperville, also on a concrete underpass, although no artistic talent was shown, it was HYSTERICAL to read for months on end (why I never photographed it with my Snippet's camera, I do not know), until it was paint over by the powers that be...scrawled in black spray paint by an Einstein-in-the-Making - it read:

"You tried to get me but I still LIFE!"

someone with reading and writing strife



HA! now that's funny!

see you soon-hopefully it'll still be sunny--

don't forget my dots (i'll bring cash) :0)

... Paige said...

Ha that chicken sure has crazy eyes