Friday, September 26, 2008

A Graffiti Tour

"That is a dumb idea" was my artistic son's response to me saying that his sister and I were going to spend an upcoming Saturday afternoon shooting pictures of graffiti. But since when do I listen to HIM?

So when Anna and I go on our graffiti-photo-taking-tour I will be sure to blog about some of our the meantime here is my friday-i'm-at-"work" post:

For years I have seen incredible graffiti along the tracks as I commute to and from Chicago.

Thru the freight yards out in the western burbs, where I see graffiti entrenched cars that roll all over this great country....

and every roadway that my train rumbles under there is interesting graffiti - the concrete structures provide a perfect blank canvas for artistic talent.

And for the record, Susan's Snippets does not encourage vandalizing. I believe that if you are that gifted - you should paint on canvas and sell your art....

and if the price is within my very small Snippet's budget...your art I would buy.

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Moe Wanchuk said...

I'm glad you said you don't like people de-facing everything.

Cause some day, I think I'd be a good public "Punisher" of vandals.

love handles

Liz said...

Wow Susan. There are some impressive artists out there with spray paint cans. I had no idea.