Friday, September 18, 2009

“Just Google ‘Susan's Snippets’….

I will blog about you today.” I said to Stephanie Miller, who is a west suburban gal that has, thru dedicated hard work and awesome skills, made the USA Olympic Archery Team.

She was at Union Station on this usually Left-for-Me-to-Find-Friday, promoting Chicago’s Bid to host the 2016 Olympic.

There were people handing out rubber bracelets...

and postcards telling the date of the announcement of the winner...

on which Stephanie graciously autographed. (Thanks!)

No matter which side of the fence you are on regarding the Olympics being held in Chicago (HOPEFULLY!!) – you have to give a big SALUTE to all the athletes, like Stephanie, who have dedicated many, many years of their lives to Represent the U.S.A. for an Olympic win!

let the games begin


... Paige said...

I'm ok with Chicago, but can y'alls traffic handle it?

I think Houston has too much of a smog issue to be seriously considered again...

I think they may have lost their chance a few years back.

Oh nice on the autograph!


i love how you just run into these people! Soo fun! To be your shadow, well, it's one lucky shadow to witness what you see!