Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Part of last night's train conversation.....

with my posse went something like this...

Me: Keith, I am not sure if you have met Todd. Todd this is Keith. Keith this is Todd.

Todd: Anthony.

Me: Todd.

Todd: No, my name is Anthony.

Me: What? I have been calling you Todd for days!

Anthony: I know.

Me: When I asked you last week if your name was Todd, why did you say “Yes!”?

Anthony: I didn’t. I said “No.”


Well, at least it makes for some interesting snippet fodder when people sit on my deaf ear side.

new posse members need name tags applied


... Paige said...

Ha, this happened to me many years ago...I understood some kids call a lady by the name of Angela. So I called her Angela.
For 2 years she, her sister nor their kids corrected me. We were volunteers at a day camp together and during a class she asked me why I called her Angela "Do I remind you of someone by that name?" No. So that’s not your name? I said. “No my name is Darlene.” Laughter. Crap I heard your kids call you Angela. Darlene says, “No they call me Auntie Darlene.” Back story…she had Lupus and her sister adopted her kids and they all lived together. As it turned out everyone knew but me and after that I called her Angela Darlene, which she loved and it turned out to be a special name for her not only me and the organization we belonged to but her family as well. It is the name that was fondly spoken during her Eulogy.

Hearing impairment is not always a bad thing.

Liz said...

Whoopsie. :)