Thursday, August 27, 2009

“Now Anna said the dead skunk was to the RIGHT…

of the stairs, so when I leave thru the back door to the garage with my birthday cheesecake, purse and tote bag in hand, I will just look to the left, completely shielding my view of the remains from the horror of last night.” was my thought process as I got ready on this Birthday Morning to start my commute downtown.

I remotely opened the garage door and with some trepidation turned the handle of the back door, juggling everything in my arms and looking hard to the LEFT while I descended the stairs……

at which moment I remembered what Anna REALLY had said…..

“The dead skunk with its GUTS hanging out is to the LEFT of the stairs!”

i now need erase the image from my mind prayers

ps - skunk did not exactly look like the picture i have posted above - why, oh why does buddy the wonder dog not learn?

skunk smell makes eyes burn

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!