Monday, August 24, 2009

“So I saved the 2% milk jug….

and refilled it with skim. Guess what? He drank the whole thing and never complained once!” is the overheard snippet between two women during this morning's walk to my office.

As I was passing them, I couldn’t help but ask ”Are you talking about a husband who needs specific kinds of food?”

“Yes!” the one responded.

“Well my ex-husband would only eat Kraft American Cheese Singles, but they were always more expensive than the store brand, so every once in a while I would break down and buy Kraft, then save the outer wrapper and refill it with the cheap store brand singles...he always LOVED his “Kraft” cheese!” I shared.

"It is all in their heads!" we agreed.

a different wrapper is all you need

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... Paige said...

Yea, my dad loved the toast mom fixed to go with spaghetti but he hated garlic {grins}