Wednesday, June 3, 2009

An Ode to Schmitty

It has been brought to my attention;

And I could not pass up the mention..

that a friend of ours has turned the BIG FIVE-OH!

And this “friend” is someone that you might just know;

He is referred to as “Schmitty” because of a joke;

But depending upon his mood – more fun we do poke..

He has been “Cranky Pants”;




“Rip Van”

and “Shitty”...

all of which we add before his moniker of “Schmitty”;

And if you ever awake him during his train nap...

all I can say is STAND WAY FAR BACK!

He is a lover of family and a defender of friends;

When he pushes too hard...he’s sure to make quick amends;

He is a strummer of the guitar and lover of the Blues;

Nearly no one could ever fill his musical shoes!

So on this Special Day we want to bring him some cheer...

as we gather to celebrate and raise up a beer;

With a hope that in Fifty more...he will still be here!

Although by then he will be “Pissing-In-His-Pant’s Schmitty...

which won’t be so pretty!!

Happy 50th Birthday from Your Train Crew...

We All Love You!

Except, of course, for Joe, who will always hate that “Bastard” Schmitty.

BTW at “work” today Susan wrote you the aforesaid ditty...

here kitty kitty

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