Friday, June 5, 2009

L.F.M.T.F. FRIDAY - Thirst Quencher Edition

I am again humbled by the caring, unselfishness and generosity shown to me this week by complete strangers!

Kind people who recognize that during my long walks throughout this beautiful city – that I become thirsty.

So all along my journey they left for me...

Coffee propped up on a post – I hope it's not dark roast!

Something healthy for my bones and teeth left on a bench at the Merchandise Mart – milk, milk makes you smart!

Oops! That’s not good...being upside down...spilled out onto the ground.

On the only warm day of this week..they left me a little refreshment deep inside to savor – although cherry isn’t my favorite flavor.

Tequila, thanks, but it is way too early....besides it makes me kinda squirrelly!

So a big shout out of thanks to all the kind, generous, unselfish people who helped me fight off this week’s thirst!

gotta run my bladder is about to burst

1 comment:

... Paige said...

Wow y'all sure have nice folks up your way. I'll have to show you some of the things others leave for me, one of these days. I bet you never tire of hearing that.

Congrats for making it to your requested time and hopes for much, much more.