Friday, March 20, 2009

Left for me to find Friday….

Walking along Franklin Street this morning I happened upon this car parked by someone who might be very upset if this is the nice dress shirt that they plan on wearing later today.

That left-for-me-to-find-Friday image reminded me of an incident I witnessed many years ago, long, long before cell phones....

At that time I was married and without children, so my husband would drive me to the train station on his way to work.

One winter morning after being dropped off, I headed toward the station, when I heard a simple “aaahhhhh!” from behind me. As I turned around I witnessed a guy pulling away from the curb right after his female passenger had slammed the passenger door shut at the same time she was putting on her winter coat.

Unknown to the driver, his passenger had shut the door on her yet-to-be-occupied winter coat’s left sleeve.

Luckily, when he pulled away, the sleeve ripped completely off at the shoulder.

Thus leaving her physically intact, but with her left arm exposed to the frigid winter temperature.

And him....he drove away with an entire left winter coat sleeve....

a flappin' in the breeze


Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Very random - good for a giggle though!


At first glance I thought it was a roll of toilet paper.

Here's to having Friday behind u

Liz said...

Talk about having a bad day!?