Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is that an avocado?

Was the question posed to me from the I-recently-blogged-about-TMI-guy, while preparing lunch today in our kitchen.

It is without fail, during 9 out of 10 lunch preparations, that TMI will appear and ask what you are preparing.

For the record, in my realizing that he is just a lonely, old guy who is trying to make small talk to pass the day away....MOST of the time I am very kind to him.

Today....not so much.

So when he asked me that question, I responded "No! That is NOT an avocado!"

Which, of course, backfired because it was followed up by a long conversation of "What is it then?" and "Why would you say it wasn't one?" and "I have had them before." and "They are okay." and "Do you eat the skin?"

That is when I left the kitchen.

i am a bitchin

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... Paige said...

Some days are just like that