Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yesterday's Restaurant in Review

Some snippets of our St. Patty’s Day lunch at the Paramount Room:

The decor in this vintage building was eclectic and fun:

The staff was friendly, knowledgeable and very open to showing us around.

And the food....the corned beef and fried pickle special was tender and incredibly tasty.

My fries were crisp, hot and salty and the burger, although cooked precisely to medium, was infused with thyme – I hate thyme. It overwhelmed the beef taste – turning it into a thyme burger.

The women’s bathroom was clean and is equipped with a new Dyson hand dryer which allows you to slip your wet hands in and it dries them in seconds, which we had fun playing with.

My overall experience at the Paramount Room was a 7 out of if they were to get rid of the thyme...

I would rate it a 9



that's what I forgot with my cornbeef meal...fried pickles..

:) Not much of a haze this morning...but I plan on being a hazy shade of wine tomorrow am from tonight.
pinot style.

still wearing green.

Jamie @ Baldwin Bungalow said...

Thank you! We're really excited!

You're in Chicago - I used to live in Chicago. We're going back for a visit in September and I'm really excited. Your lunch looked fantastic - mostly the fried pickles (go figure).

I enjoyed reading through your previous entries!