Thursday, November 6, 2008

Marketing Mania

This morning’s walk in produced an armful of giveaways. So many so, that I had to ask for assistance to get into my office because I didn't have a free hand to open the door.

First thing out of the station, I met the Science Diet folks. They have been around the city for some time...handing out 7 oz packages of Nature’s Best dog food and being Susan Snippet's has a dog, Buddy, who, as a black lab that was found on the streets all those years ago, before being turned over to Anderson Animal Shelter and adopted by me and my kids (who had written letters begging for a dog, the traditional “we will walk him everyday” and the greatest lie “we will pick up his pooh”)...a stray that was never claimed, possibly sustaining life while on his own by devouring small animals (i.e. opossums) and/or eating garbage, which groomed him to basically eat anything he finds in his bowl, or on the floor (outside of pretzels and carrots) or in the backyard, etc.......

So when I was handed three packages of the dog food....I remarked to the woman “My dog loves this stuff!”...which got her to hand me three more packages. That will be 6 meals for ol' Buddy Boy that I won’t have to pay for.

Further along on my journey, I ran into John Paul (or would that be “Jean Paul”?), who was handing out insulated mugs bearing the image of Snoopy on behalf of MetLife, along with a free cup of hot coffee, all just for listening to his 15 second spiel and taking a flyer (threw away) telling me about

Over these years of pounding the pavement here in Chicago I have been the recipient of many freebies.

Cold drink giveaways are popular - orange juice, energy drinks, sodas, etc.

I also recall that back in the 80’s it was not uncommon to get free little packs of cigarettes, 4 smokes to a pack, and at the time, being in my social smoking phase (Man, I was cool!), I would wind round and round the area where they were handing them out, me and the homeless guys, shoving each pack into my purse or pocket, and then circling around again, smiling and thanking them, until I was overloaded with cigs.

Little boxes of cereal and small bags of chips, trail mix, crackers are not usual either.

But back to this morning....after entering the elevator in my building, laden down as I was, I asked the 4 other women within that small space if they have ever bought a product because they received a sample on the street?

All four said “No!”

So just a little word to company marketing departments, Susan Snippet's says this is not a good return on your money because I believe that most people are just like me....

only take it because it’s free


Cindiloo said...


I too received more doggie food for the boys, but they only gave me two. I'm obviously not as special as you.

Susan's Snippets said...

Sorry, Cindiloo....take an earlier train and you can then learn from the master of free.


Hedy said...

I did buy some gum after getting a freebie outside the station. But I can't remember the brand now so you're right. Oh, wait. When I first started coming downtown I got a Zone breakfast bar and bought the hell outta those things for a good two years. But then I got tired of them. Of course, I've bought exercise equipment and kitchen stuff from infomercials, so I'm probably not a good example.