Monday, November 10, 2008

A pot of gruel....

is what I call the soup concoction that I eat most days for lunch.

It is healthy and inexpensive.

"That sounds awful!" somebody recently remarked when I called it that.

So I thought I would post a picture of my "pot of gruel" that I am having today.

I take a can of vegetable soup and add to that lots of goodies.

Today's add-ins are:

fresh spinach;


whole wheat cous-cous;

extra vegetable broth;

and the ever present hot sauce!

With the winter like winds biting at us today in Chicago...I am happy that I have something, not only healthy and inexpensive to eat, but also warming to my belly.

although after-effects can be smelly

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Billy said...

Saw you at Diane Feri's blog. The gruel looks delicious and makes me hungry. Nice blog.