Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"I have never seen anything like it!"

a woman walking past me said into her cell phone this morning.

I can only assume, post-election, she was talking about THE RALLY which was seen by millions around the world. A sea of people, safely, respectfully, tearfully supporting their candidate...

I walked up Jackson to Michigan Ave. and then headed north, winding my way into the office, in search of remnants from the rally, anything that I could photograph, but remarkably the streets, sidewalks, everywhere I looked was clean.

The only leftovers I saw on my quest were these....

Now, as we all know, the hard work begins....the undoing of the wrong and the DOING of the right.

If the man I heard giving his acceptance speech last night and then proudly standing on that platform in Grant Park with his family......

follows thru and walks the walk....I envision good things coming our way.

for now that’s all I will say


kengell said...

glad I took the week off! See you next Monday, 707?

Susan's Snippets said...

Why are you glad you took this week off?? It was perfectly wonderful down here this morning. I was even interviewed on Michigan Ave. by a Swiss photojournalist...they might send me the link if I make it on the air in Switzerland.

How fun is that??

Monday...might work - I have been running later these you never know. I did get to see our union based friend this morning..he was tan and relaxed after his golfing trip.

no lip

Cindiloo said...

Suz, you crack me up...of course you were interviewed this morning...we would expect no less!

Susan's Snippets said...
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you are the perfect Swiss snippet! :)

I agree, very powerful!


Wise Ol' Man said...

I firmly believe this is God's Hand. His counter-attack. To compel us, once and for all, to shit or get off the pot. Stand up for the Foundation put under us, proclaim it, or not. This is our test. We, the people.

Skin color, religion, never had anything to do with this election. Black athletes would be going nowhere without major white adulation. This nation has never been all that cognizant of color, despite the rhetoric.

You, yourself, are an example. You are fifty years old, and were not taught American history as it actually was. Watered-down, distorted, twisted, omitted, all of that, mixed with what truth was considered necessary. So, what do you think your children have been taught?

My Grade school days began with (1)The Pledge of Allegiance, (2) reciting (from memory) The American Creed, (3) the first and last verses of My Country 'Tis Of Thee. I would be surprised if you knew of The American Creed (except from me).

We, as a nation, are the last bastion of freedom, of liberty, in this world. There is no place to escape to. That is nearly a quotation by Ronald Reagan. The freedom in England and/or France are not nearly the same as ours. We break the back. Now we'll see just how freedom-minded Americans we are.

I am praying that the presidency itself overwhelms Obama and transforms his thinking for the good of the nation. Failing that, it will be up to the voice and power of the people to disallow eroding our Constitution.

And you can put this last paragraph in a sealed envelope, to be opened in two-plus years.