Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Client Confidentiality

In these days of office portability, when you are able to commute and work via laptop, Blackberry’s, etc., how is client confidentiality being dealt with?

My ride in via Metra this morning had me sitting behind a gentleman, who for the entire trip, was working on a client’s loss spreadsheet.

Naming the client, their accounts and the totals.

What if I was with a competing company?

Or, I knew somebody that worked for a competitor, or that company itself?

In my experience...this world is becoming a very, very small place.

How often do you meet a person and they have heard of you, your company or somebody somehow related to your company?

So what are/should be the Confidentiality rules as we get even more portable?

publicly viewed data is recordable


Liz said...

Eek... that's freaky! I'd hate for my bank statements to be open where anyone could see them. 'Cause they'd pity me... and I hate pity. :)

Hedy said...

These people who work on stuff like this in public are the same people who pick their noses in their cars. I think they think there's this invisible shield around them when they're in public and no one can see what they're doing.