Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?"

This morning's walk into the office was a real eye opener!

For the first time in my long history of working in Chicago, I witnessed joblessness creativity fueled by desperation in the form of this.....

Javier Pujals was standing on the corner of Wacker and Washington donning a sandwich board and handing out this business card....

This past Tuesday, CBS News ran a story on Paul Nawrocki, who had decided to walk the streets of New York in his sandwich board attire because "...I was getting really discouraged sending my resume out every day, and not getting anywhere."

At the time of publication, Mr. Nawrocki had already landed several interviews.

Our Chicago guy, Javier, basically told me the same story...out of desperation he resorted to this not-seen-very-often-since-the-Great-Depression-era tactic and is banking on it working.

Javier's "shtick" is that he will "Buy An Interview" - pay you/your company to interview him - giving him a foot in the door - where I assume he will dazzle you with his qualifications and personal flair.

So to all the "Javiers" and "Pauls" out in America right now - I salute you and wish you gainful employment.

If not in the field you are qualified for, then, at the least, in advertising for local sandwich shops....

for creativity - total props


... Paige said...

I so hope this is not me in a couple of months.
But if it should I hope I would be more colorful and vibrant instead of just black and white.

Moe Wanchuk said...

Did you ask him where he got the sandwich board???? I may need one soon.