Friday, November 21, 2008

A Friday to Enjoy and Prepare

Susan Snippets is not in her usual spot this Friday morning. Instead, I am tucked far away in the suburbs, baking non-pariel butter cookies (the smell is fabulous!) and getting ready to spend the day with my family.

A day of love, laughter and companionship that will include my sister and her girls from Kentucky and my brother Paul from Virginia...we will all be together shopping, eating and preparing for our Momma's 70th Birthday Bash tomorrow at Maggiano's.

So until next week...story filled and armed with photos...

I bid you adieu.

momma, the party is all about you


Liz said...

Hey Susan! Hope you have a lovely day and a lovely time with your family! See you when you get back.

John Derks said...

Hi Susan,

have a lovely time with your family and happy birthday to your Mom