Friday, October 31, 2008

Welcome to Halloween in Chicago!

As a youngster I loved Halloween.

The whole figuring out what to be, which was always dictated by cost and availability of props.

We were quite often limited to being a hobo, witch, ghost or clown.

And after my siblings and I were out trick-or-treating for hours, we would come home exhausted, our brown paper shopping bags full of candy, dump them out on the floor and sort thru - trading those we didn’t like with each other and throwing away the stupid homemade popcorn balls and apples.

The remaining “good” stuff would be counted (theft prevention) and put into our dresser drawers.

For 8 kids that rarely got candy – this day was SUPREME!!

But as an adult, with now grown (at least physically) kids, Halloween doesn’t rate very high on my list of holidays.

Don’t get me wrong, I have the proper Halloween display in my front window, the still-fun-to-carve-and-roast-the-seeds pumpkins lined up appropriately on my front steps....

The I-don’t-think-available-any-more-at-Target big light up plastic pumpkin with a black cat on top aglow in my yard (slightly visible in the above picture).

And I will be handing out candy once I get back to the burbs tonight...but outside of those things and the fun of photographing the young costumed adults that indulged me this morning as I wandered into the office.....

I find Halloween, especially when older men still dress up....

kind of creepy.

tom peepy

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