Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween in Chicago – Part II

For lunch I headed up to Michigan Avenue. The weather on this Halloween is fabulous, so sans coat, I walked.

Along the way I found myself standing next to a group of guys all dressed alike. So, I had to say “Nice costume, guys!” Obviously not in costume, I asked what they were doing in town.

They are here today before heading to Notre Dame for the big Pitt v. Notre Dame game tomorrow where they, the drumline, will be performing. One of them said they were looking for a pizza “shop.” Funny expression...but anyway...I led them to nearby Pizzeria Uno, where they handsomely posed for this shot.....

So guys, I hope you enjoy(ed) your stay here in our beautiful city and that you found our pizza exceedingly delicious.

And for tomorrow in Irish country...I will just say Go, Panthers Go!!

let the drums roll


Moe Wanchuk said...

Pitt 34 ND 21

I bet big on this one Susie!

pray for me

Susan's Snippets said...

Well wasn't that big of a win...but after FOUR overtimes - Pitt won!!

how fun