Monday, November 3, 2008

Who would Christ vote for?

My friend and fellow blogger Hedy posed that question to me last week.

The day after Hedy asked...I met Benjamin and wrote a post about it.

Remember his cross that I admired? When he opened his layers of outerwear to show it off, it was lying on an Obama shirt.

Was that in answer to Hedy’s question?

If so, it was tempered this morning by a Christian friend of mine that I ran into coming off the train in Union Station. He inquired if I had ever heard of a pastor that he had been listening to on his Ipod.....after letting him know that the name didn’t sound familiar, he went on to tell me that this pastor has a long list of reasons why NOT to vote for Obama, some of which are, besides his pro-choice stance, Obama lives in the same neighborhood and has ties to Louis Farrakhan and, of course, there is Bill Ayers and his ex-pastor, Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. My friend definitely, because of what he has learned, will be voting for McCain and claims "voting for Obama would be very scary."

As much as I do not like writing about politics, I will say that this election has me stymied. On the eve of this historic Presidential Election, an election which has polarized people in a way I have never seen, part of me remains undecided, but mostly I want it done and over with, a new President in office, heading us (hopefully) in a positive, work hard, do the right thing and be able to live in a free, safe and prosperous America direction.

That is what I pray for.

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Hedy said...

There's no arguing the pro-choice/pro-life thing - if you're a single issue voter on that, then it's either/or and God bless ya.

However, if your Christian friend is NOT voting for a candidate because of who he may or may not have associated with in the past, then your friend should know that neither candidate is a good choice. The fact is, both Obama AND McCain have associated with some unsavory characters (Google McCain and Liddy). We all have people we've associated with in spite of their unsavory views and if fear is the basis for your friend's voting decision, then by all means, they should vote for McCain. At least we know what we're in for with him, since we've already lived through eight years of it. No fear there. Just the cold comfort of more misguided economic policies that favor the wealthy, an even more misguided approach to foreign relations, not to mention a war based on lies. If you're not a single issue voter it all comes down to fear or hope. I'm choosing hope.