Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"That wasn't a great blog yesterday....

if you are looking to promote Phillip as a photographer." Keith said last night.

I disagree.

I believe it shows that he thinks outside the box and his now-famous-chip-picture was perfectly framed, center-focused and the colors of the chips melded complimentarily with the background - set off by the little snippet of green in the upper right from his sister's now-also-famous-homemade-guacamole.

And there were other interesting photos he took that day....

like this one of Anna and I getting the house ready.

Or this shot...

of his girlfriend setting those glorious chips out.

Hey, I just realized that he is a great photographer...of us slaving away!

"Now, now calm down Susan Snippet's.....we all have our strengths and talents...his just happens to be through the lens of a camera taking shots of those he loves working like crazy."

not that he's lazy


Moe Wanchuk said...

Susie......I laughed my head off last night. I thought it was Great!



it looks like Phillip got his eye for color from his mom--your rooms are so beautiful, the color in them make me want to just grab a book, plop myself down in a comfy spot and sip my coffee with the beautiful colors of your room. I bet it's still sunny over by you in winter.

(I'd hire him too!)

Susan said...

CB - Thanks for the color props! I have ALWAYS been a fan of color and some in my circle have asked "How can you do that?" - I respond with "The worst that happens is you paint over it!"

If you are ever in the market for a Phillip - he really is good.

and he lives in your hood

Susan said...

Moe - I am always happy to make you laugh.