Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Honestly.... email to Mr. Williams' started out with this today in response to his daily political-getting-me-to-"understand"-emails and I went on to say....

my head swirls just thinking about all the parameters involved in making a WISE choice for our next President. Each time I think my mind is made up...the candidate does some knuckle headed thing or I am made privy to video, etc. where they have totally FLIP-FLOPPED on their stance.

i hate this dance"



next time dance with music on=--it makes the decision so much easier.


I do know what you mean.

Susan said...

CB - .....dancing to loud music, while wearing ruby slippers, clicking my heels, exclaiming "help me decide! help me decide! help me decide!"

what if they lied

Cindiloo said...

They all lie!!! It's finding the one that lies the best

make a guess