Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No less than 7.....

trains rumbled along the Canal Street crossing before I was able to continue on my walk to work this morning.

After running late and missing my regular train into the city...I hurried out of Union and ended up on the Canal Street side of the station. I made the decision to walk up Canal to Kinzie, cross the infamous Kinzie Street Bridge, pass by the East Bank Club and dodge the hopefully-well-insured Land Rovers, Mercedes, Hummers and other higher-end cars leaving the Club, being driven by worked-out, showered and perfumed/cologned types heading to their offices.

But I forgot about the Canal Street crossing...and sure enough...I waited, along with an ever-growing throng of pedestrians, for no less than seven trains to slowly pass as they lumbered their way into or out of Union Station.

I have made a mental note...don't walk that way again.

For today, being already late...I just ended up a little later.

all passenger freighter

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