Tuesday, June 24, 2008


For this morning’s walk to the office I decided to detour from dilf’s favorite street, Wacker (in dilfspeak that's “Whack – Her!”) and headed north on Canal Street crossing over the Chicago River at the Kinzie Street Bridge.

Ahhhh...the Kinzie Street Bridge...steeped in history - most of which is negative:

In April of 1987 the bridge tender lowered the bridge onto a Yellow cab, crushing and killing the driver and injuring his two passengers.

In April of 1992 the Kinzie bridge was again the site of tragedy - while replacing the pilings that protect the bridge from passing boat traffic – the Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company unknowingly cracked the wall of the long-ago-abandoned Chicago Tunnel Company's early 20th century coal and goods transport tunnel, weakening it, which eventually caused a leak that flooded many of our City's buildings' basements.

And most recently in August of 2004, the driver of Dave Matthews Band's bus, "accidentally” opened the waste receptacle for the toilet while idling on the open-weaved-iron bridge...at the exact moment an uncovered sightseeing boat was passing underneath...raining crap, literally, all over the tourists.

As much as I enjoyed the different views during my detour in this morning...I think I will stick to my normal walking course - trying not to show up in a future blog writing about me and the cursed Kinzie Street Bridge.

slip off the metal ridge


Cindiloo said...

That brings fond memories of the Loop being completely shut down, and people carrying their computers and I'm not talking about nice light laptops either. I guess they thought that if they didn't they might see them floating down Wack-Her Drive :)

the dilf said...

So..I almost got beat up at the Chicago Burger King...and people continually run into tragic events near this bridge. Sounds like you should all move to a nice town....like....Detroit!