Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Please tell me you are not a serial killer or an axe murderer!"

a member of my morning train posse had im'd to him last night while perusing a single's site.

I, too, back in the tween time of divorce, momentarily-losing-my-mind-summer-of-insanity, getting-sick-and-thankfully-recovering, and now Keith, had been a card carrying member of eHarmony and Match.

My experiences were.... well, I will just say some of my closest "friends" still quote lines from the stories I had conveyed during that time and they aren't quoting for positive reasons.

For example:

There was the guy from Wisconsin who told me that he was employed in the "meat" field.

Turned out he was a self-employed butcher...

he spent his days hacking up animals into little pieces...

aah, yeah - No!

Then there was the one that I actually spoke to over the phone and had dinner with...


We met at a nearby restaurant and the waitstaff all knew him by name...so I said he must go there often, to which he responded that every Monday night they had free dance lessons and he would usually show up for them..."it's not too bad, you get to press pretty women up against you."

When I excused myself to the bathroom to momentarily get away, he said he was going to step into the bar to have a cigarette and thought that it was not a problem to leave his $300 suit jacket in the booth while we were both gone...

Nice...creepy and a braggart.

There were others...but I don't need to go on..you get the drift.

The flip side of my on-line dating experiences are the people who have found Mr./Mrs. Right and are as happy as can be. I actually know several people who have been successful, one friend met her husband-to-be on-line and he lived just three blocks away.

Have you tried the on-line hook-ups?

Care to share your experiences....positive, negative or a mix?

i gave on-line the nix

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