Friday, July 18, 2008

"Doesn't it feel good to wear clean pants?"

my sister Wendy asked me this morning.

That kind of sums up this week of Camp Ladybug fun!

Because of circumstances that were not planned for...Camp Ladybug II has been relocated to my sister's house, one town north of the main camp outpost in suburban Chicago.

My house is currently under construction.

Before you start with the.."Now, Susan, WHY would you have your house torn up when you knew you were having Camp Ladybug?"....let me do some explaining...

I have a slightly maniac at times, wildly kindhearted friend, who is the financier and brains behind the operation of a newly formed home repair company and his top-notch-skilled employee had nothing on the agenda for this week. So, in return for my help in the design and decorating of a "flip" house that he has purchased, I was offered 40 hours of labor...I buy the materials and the work in my house gets done for free...

this week only.

Kind of hard to pass up - so a tile floor is being laid in my kitchen and the connecting bathroom (my only bathroom, that use to be the pantry in my lovely little ol' farmhouse).

Five girls and no bathroom - it just wasn't going to work, so we moved on north.

And between the oldest camper's singing/dancing workshops at the nearby local theater; the middle camper's three times daily infusion of antibiotics into the pick line surgically implanted in her left arm; and the littlest camper's hey-look-at-me-I-want-to-be-noticed-too shenanigans......I have had no time or gumption to wash my pants that I had worn, as of yesterday, four days in a row.

I have managed to brush my teeth everyday, twice a day.

And so far this morning I have been able to style my hair into something other than a Glamour Don't look.

After tomorrow afternoon's performance by the eldest bug at the local theater...the three ladybugs will fly home...and as exhausting and unkempt as it has me...I have loved it.

I will be posting photos from Camp Ladybug II later...for now I hear some ladybugs starting to buzz around and I imagine they might be wanting something to eat.

signing off - head counselor who isn't clean and neat

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Cindiloo said...

Sounds like your having a fabulous time, dirty jeans and all!!!!