Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fashion Snippets

I am being graced today by the presence of my 17 year old daughter, so our walk into the office consisted primarily of fashion critiquing, which coincidentally, happens to be one of our favorite mother-daughter past times.


Some mothers/daughters spend quality time shopping/cooking/sharing.

We, being such fashion plates ourselves, feel qualified to critique everyone else's style and enjoy doing it.

A few of the fashion snippets we shared on our mother/daughter bonding walk are:

"Ewww..those pants were so gay!"

"See...when she walks that knit dress presses into and shows her 'area'.

"Did you see his hair - the 70's are calling - they want it back!"

"Her pants are too tight!"

"Outside of being homeless, just why would you be wearing a winter coat this morning?"

"She is too old to be wearing pleather pants!"

"That belt does not match that dress!"

We have lunch plans at an outdoor cafe, where you can be assured our fashion critiquing will continue as the people walk by.

such fashionistas - we set the bar high


the dilf said...

mine are very similar

-"Great @ss!"
-"You see the t*ts on her?"
-"wow...I'd really love *&#$#(*&#$)*#$ her"

Susie...we have so much in common!


glad that I'm not walking by.
you'd tell each other that this is some woman that needs a long hot shower. :)

have a great week!

Susan said...

Dilf....I am going to go out on a limb here and say I don't think we have much in common when it comes to your inner voices.